“This game is GREAT!” – Violet (age 7)

“Played all three games today with my in-laws! We loved it!!! Many discussions about who the lesser known composers were with a view to checking them out on the internet later. Mat liked Quartet the most as he enjoyed having to retain information about who had what cards. Dorothy liked the quick fire Decomposing Composer. Barry was not impressed that we made him do a forfeit for being a Crotchety Crotchet!
All in all a fun afternoon. The cards are beautifully designed of course, instructions are concise and well thought out. 
Bravo Margit!” – S. Elliot

“ I think the overall card game is amazing“ – Reuben (age 8)

“I had my regular games night on Friday and we played the Quartet Game for the first time and loved it! I especially love how bright and juicy the colours are and of course your beautiful illustrations. It was a fun game and we’ll be trying out the other variations next time!” – C. Crosley

“What I like is that it opens up more listening opportunities and discussions on different levels for different students. I teach piano and violin (mostly piano), and it gives them the chance to hear music that they wouldn’t normally listen to.” – R. Tute

“I’m sure the game [will] be a huge hit” – J. Iddon

“We love the Quartet game! Especially the Wigs category! Katy and I have played it several times but I’ve had to ban it while eating because it nearly made us late the other day. I love the representation of women. It’s a great thing you’ve created. The best was when a bit of Handel came on the radio and I could say to K “this is a wig”!!!” – R. Little

“How could you not want this game?“ – Sophia (age 10)

“Excellent Xmas pressie for lots of people I know. Would make the perfect after dinner game!” – T. Johnson