QUARTET : The Composer Card Game

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QUARTET is a new card game that breathes fresh life into the world of composers. The game depicts not just dead white men but an inclusive selection of composers, presented on colourful playing cards.

It’s easy to play,  quick to learn and includes two bonus games!

Composers: perhaps it’s a niche subject… But we can change that!

Quartet is for 2-6 players. There are also two extra game ideas: Crotchety Crotchet™ and Decomposing Composer™ (for 3-8 players), plus a list of forfeit ideas. It comprises 37 cards.

Quartet is suitable for ages 4+ with game variation suggestions for those who can’t yet read.

Design and illustration by Margit van der Zwan. The cards are printed on high-quality 310gsm Sure Slip textured playing card board and are presented in a colourful box.

Please get in touch with your questions and suggestions! 


Quartet Composer Card Game Margit

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