Composer Card Game

Age 4+

Includes two bonus games!

Quartet consists of an inclusive array of composer portraits, painted and designed by Margit van der Zwan. Quartet is easy to play and breathes new life into the world of composers. 


Quartet is a game for 2-6 players, consisting of 36 cards and a joker. Quartet is suitable for ages 4+ with variations for those who can’t yet read.

The cards can be used for two bonus games: Crotchety Crotchet™ and Decomposing Composer™ (for 3-8 players). Rules are included, plus a list of forfeit suggestions.

The cards are printed in the UK on high-quality 310gsm Sure Slip (textured) playing card board, and are presented in a colourful box.

This game was made possible by the supporters of a Kickstarter funding campaign. The target was reached within just 3 days!!

Design and illustration © Margit van der Zwan


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Quartet Composer Card Game Margit

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