Fun stuff

Here you’ll find more game variations and tips on how to shuffle!

Game: Memory Pairs    (level: easy)

For 2-6 players age 3+

Halve the deck, cards sorted into colour pairs. Shuffle the cards and spread them out in front of you, face down.

Aim: to find a matching pair by turning over two cards of the same colour. Did you find a matching pair? You can have another go! No match? Turn the cards face down in the same place.

The winner is the player with the highest number of pairs. 

Variation: add the Crotchety Crotchet™ card to win an extra point.

Game: Guess Who for Music Buffs (level: advanced)

2+ players. Full deck.

Who ARE all these people on the cards?!

This game and its variations is your chance to show off your musical expertise. Cards are placed face down in a pile. Take turns to describe the composer without saying their name. Players may also hum or whistle but can’t say: “rhymes with” or “8 letters” or “starts with [letter]” 

Variation 1: play against the clock. 30 seconds each to describe as many as possible. The player with the lowest number does a forfeit.

Variation 2: Hum or whistle any piece by the composer on the card. No talking.

Easy ways to shuffle cards

The wishy-washy shuffle

Use two hands to mix the cards, face down on a big surface in front of you. After a good ‘scrub’ gather them up to form a tidy pile.

The Pile-up shuffle

Stack and re-stack the cards to your heart’s content.

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